The best free business rules (workflow) WordPress plugin

Why do we need business rules (workflow) plugins at our WordPress?

  1. publish any post from a specific author.
  2. Restrict page/post on some user roles.
  3. Change the content/title of a post to match your guidelines.
  4. Send notification emails when something happens at your site.

1. Business rule trigger

  • WordPress initialize
  • Admin initialize
  • Create Post
  • Update post
  • After creating attachment
  • Deleting an attachment
  • Deleting a post
  • Trash post
  • Trash post comment
  • Un-trash post
  • Un-trash post comment

2. Business rule condition

  • Current logged-in user ( choose a specific user from a list of users )
  • Current logged-in user role ( choose a specific role from a list of current user roles )
  • Current page URL
  • Current post ( choose a post from a list of posts )
  • Current admin screen ( choose one of the admin screens )
  • The current user has a specific capability ( choose one of the capabilities )
  • The current user has meta ( choose meta key, operator, and value )
  • Current locale direction ( LTR or RTL )
  • Is on the admin interface.
  • Is multisite
  • Has SSL

3. Business rule action

  • Show admin notice
  • Debug ( this is for debugging purposes only to just die when the rule works properly )
  • Redirect to ( put the URL to be redirected to )
  • Create post
  • Update post
  • Trash post
  • Send email
  • Create user
  • Update user
  • Update user meta
  • Delete user meta
  • Delete user
  • Add image size
  • Remove image size
  • Require login
  • Add/Update option
  • Delete option
  • Flush rewrite rules
  • Show admin bar
  • Replace in the post title
  • Replace in the post content
  • Replace in the post excerpt
  • Make post/page password protected

Next steps

  • Integrate with WooCommerce, WP Rocket, and JetPack plugins.
  • Add dashboard widget to show the latest evaluated workflows.



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Ahmed Saeed

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